Reaching out to real customer

Countrywide POS and sales points 

Customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenge and one of the more expensive business leg, especially in B2C businesses. The cost becomes so heavy with the competition and brand spending by competition. Every brand is looking to penetrate and make an entry in the circle of influence for the customers, while they are spoiled for choices.

We have set up of influencers, retail counters and customers to influence and build a market and brand with much higher efficiency 

  • Network of digital communities, that enable a digital walk in of half a million user base.
  • Digitally enabled retail counters that cater to customers across 20 states and 50,000+ counters 
  • AI enabled tools to map the user interest and available services/products 
  • All sales interface/points enabled with cash/digital payment collection

Co Creation of Products 

There are innovators with ideas or POC of the products keep looking for support in building products/services, However, the challenge of resources, guidance deosnt allow them to build product and reach out to the market. With our network and resources, we support the organizations through multiple interventions and approaches to work with us. 
  • Identification of the ideas and relevance of the same in our network 
  • Definition of a working model with the organization 
  • Creation of resource requirements 
  • Project deployment and fulfilment 

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