Quality Management System

FlinkISO QMS - Brief

Quality Management on cloud

FlinkISO QMS Software is designed to serve existing QMS compliant organisations as well as organisations wanting to adopt a Quality Management Software and provide key generic QMS modules to fulfil their QMS requirements. The induction of FlinkISO QMS Software will enable organisations to streamline their QMS processes and achieve high level of success rate during QMS implementation.

It helps you in maintaining all your QMS documents like manuals, procedures, formats, checklists etc on a single source and share them specific users. It has rich set of access controls which you can configure for each and every user or group. You can also set-up approval flows and streamline the data entry process where every record added, goes through a well established approval process. Along with this, you can upload evidence files for every record that you add to the system.

It is not only a document management software, it also covers a wide-range of modules like, Audit Cycle Management, Corrective Actions, Risk Management, Environment Safety, Objective Monitoring, Purchase Module, Human Resource / Training Module etc.

It is build on a robust secure and scalable framework which reduces the qms customisation cost. We can easily integrate the QSM software to any of your existing ERP CRM or any custom softwares.

Wider scope

Document Management

Store documents securely, restrict/manage document access, access documents anytime anywhere, search & retrieve document easily

Audit Management

Manage internal & external audits, schdule & distribute audit plams generate & track non-confirmance, assign NCs to users.

CAPA Management

Raise CAPA for product, services, process. Assign them to user with target dates, monitor progress, add them to MRM.

Customer Complaints

Add, assign customer complaints along with source. Track customer complaints, add to CAAP/NCs.

Supplier Management

From adding new supplier, vendor to supplier evaluations. Track delayed orders, faulty deliveries, rejections etc.

Risk/ Incident Management

Risk Assessments, risk ratings, incident reporting, adding affected persons, witnesses. Add investigation reports.

Holistic solutions

  • Management Representative - Uploading Quality Formats Document Version Control Document Amendment/Change Addition Deletion Requests Management Review Meetings Corrective Preventive Actions Audit Management Non Conformities.
  • Business Development List of Customers Customer Meetings Proposals, Proposal Follow ups, Conversions
  • Purchase Contractor registration Contractor evaluations Purchase Order / Delivery Challans Contractor evaluation summary List of acceptable Suppliers
  • Quality Control - Customer Complaints, Customer feedbacks, Calibrations, Material Quality Check, Preventive Maintenance
  • Production - List of Raw material, List of products, Create production batch, Incoming-Outgoing Stocks, Stock Status
  • Risk / Incident Management - Define hazard sources, types, ratings, Add Risk Assessments, Add incidents, Add Witnesses, Affected Persons, Add Investigations.
  • Project Management - Adding Projects, Define Milestones, ,Add Activities ,Add Activity Requirements, Add Tasks, Project Monitoring
  • Environmental Safety - Checklist, Evaluation Criteria, Add Activities, Identifications, Evaluation

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