Overseeing  organizations 

Corporate Governance

Current rate of growth and innovation access has caused interest intersection of innovators, Business managers and investors. The interest eventually result in creation of working associations, organizations and aligned interests. With new or old business arrangements, there come various scenarios, where corporate governance is imperative, not to mention in the current running businesses 

  • Current working set up, board structures, Policy and procedures 
  • New Induction of board members, vision re-alignment 
  • Investments and policy creation on financial management 
  • Cross border interests and working models 
  • Internal restructuring on account Merger or Acquisition 

Intervention & Governance Scope

Our team of experts curate multiple programs or interventions mapping multiple scenarios , we have the experience of working with all size of companies (Small, Mid, large cap) companies, ,VCs and private equity investors in building and improving corporate governance practices and structures. 

In addition, we also have been supporting & working with corporate boards to undertake  self assessments and improve their managment processes.

Our working approach & scope  to governance transformation is holistic and not just restricted to the board of directors and regulatory compliance, encompassing areas such as:

We build frameworks and management for 

Board operations

  • Board processes and internal working structures
  • Formation of audit committee  & effectiveness assessments
  • Subsidiary management
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Strategy

Alignment of values and ethics 

  • Human Capital Management 
  • Internal and External Communication management 
  • Cultural Assessments and audit in alignment with corporate policies 
  • Integrity and ethics
  • Sustainability

Risk and Assurance

  • Definition of Risk management framework 
  • Internal control systems & red flags definitions
  • Employee Certification
  • Fraud risk management

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