Business Management

Business Management

Strong & Resilient Organisations

The current need for businesses to scale fast and keep up with the pace of the markets and competition, mostly create ad hoc workarounds, policy or process circumvention, distributed power centers & many other barriers to manage organization with scale, process integrity and standardization.  

The organization support requirements begin right from the inception stage to build business models, management structures, effective operations to meet the defined business goals

We support the organizations through the following interventions 

  •  Building and improving business models: There are organizations which are already on their way to the defined business models, we align the models with the current benchmarks and innovative practices to improve or create a new business model 
  • Corporate Governance: The business models do require clear working method, control or audit frameworks and continuous improvement. We approach the support through inclusive corporate roles as well as outside consulting engagements. 
  • Cost Management: The organizations tend to work more and measure less, hidden or unaccounted costs is one of the biggest demon in business operations. We help organizations not only define the measurement framework, but also build internal capabilities for understanding systems, red flags and decision making on capital allocation for effective cost management. 
  • Process management: Processes are the critical function of any organization's success. Most of the organizations struggle to establish inter-process transition, systems integration, appropriately scoped measurement systems and implementation controls. We work with organizations to build internal process excellence centers, to build and enhance internal capabilities in the continuously improving organizations. 


Business Models

  • Business Model definition & evaluation
  • Gap Analysis & Implementation
  • Change  or Transition Management 

Process Management

  • Process Framework Definition 
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement

Corporate Governance

  • Board Structures, Policies & Procedures 
  • Authority & Control Management
  • Audit Management

Cost Management

  • Definition of cost structures 
  • Measurement framework  
  • Review  & improvement Framework

Business Management needs! 

  • Global Organizations 
    • Changing business dynamics force even well-established businesses to take a look at their current processes & systems and align their corporate strategies for further growth and performance
  • Large Organizations
    • Large firms that want to become more agile and effectively maximize the ROI of their leadership strategies that deliver successful performance and pipeline for the future.
  • Medium Enterprises
    • Businesses looking to merge and align their ad-hoc leadership models, practices and solutions to leapfrog into a higher league. 
  • Small Companies
    • Aiming to define their identity, their leadership philosophy, and their leadership structures.

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