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More than a decade of Operations, GKConsulting has worked across multiple industries offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable. It has been helping organizations align their leadership and talent with their strategy. We believe that the quality of our guidance is established in the diversity of our people, their pledge to your success, and their dedication to overcoming your toughest challenges.

With constantly changing business dynamics, businesses face the need to enhance their leadership capabilities and synergies at the Board and Executive levels to create powerful & highly effective strategies that lead to consistent growth. Growth models nowadays are difficult & complex, especially with dynamic ecosystems and ever-changing technology. At the same time, a business alignment that ensures adaptability and agility to embrace modern requirements is a key constituent of business growth.

Meet Our Team

Our team comprises of professionals, who have acquired on the ground knowledge & application through their entrepreneurial journey

Pradeep Lokhande 

The Mentor

Pradeep Lokhande has been relentlessly working to build access to rural India, his initiatives across the country and rural India has been highly impactful, whether it is through Gyan - Key Library, 5,100 libraries and counting, enabling reading access to more than a million students, in addition, there is villageWiky, information access to 85,000 villages and adding, there are more such work products, 

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Amitabh Sinha

Chairman, Head -Strategy

Amitabh Sinha is a serial entrepreneur, building organizations and ecosystems, he has been a guiding light to multiple MSMEs and Startups, who strongly believes that Small businesses represent the backbone and the tapestry of the Indian industrial growth story and have driven India‚Äôs growth with a firm focus on quality, productivity, innovation, transparency, international standards and employment generation.

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Mukesh Malik 

Managing Partner 

Mukesh Malik is an entrepreneur, who has learnt business management through on the ground practices and implementation by some wonderful mentors. He strongly believes in structured as well as on the ground leaning, especially in the highly dynamic and innovative world today, with the experience of 20 years and 100+ organizations,working towards building a world class consulting set up.  

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Amit Saneja

Sr. Partner - Retail & Training

Amit Saneja, with his industry agnostic experience,, comes with the expertise of building and growing organizations. He has been instrumental not only with core set ups of organizations, but also Industries kickstart, such as Insurance, Telecom & retail innovation. He has been setting up learning and sales frameworks with organizations and institutions as well. 

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Parag Khanna

Sr. Partner - Telecom   

Parag Khanna is a Marketing & Sales Professional with over 20 years of rich experience in the Telecom Industry in India, Middle East , South Asia & Africa. He has been instrumental in driving revenue & customer market share by launching & marketing innovative products. He has been accredited with successfully establishing startups in India & MEA.In his previous assignments he has managed revenues of over $450 mn and has consistently delivered on the profitability commitments.

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Rajeev Talwar

                                                    Sr. Advisor - Financial Consulting

Rajeev Talwar is a Chartered Accountant by profession and an Masters in Business Administration . He has diverse experience of building frameworks for organizations and industries. The domains, that are in focus are, Cross border financial frameworks, financial instruments management, DDRs for sizeable transactions, setting up accounting practice modules. He is also leading our financial advisory work along  with the team in the capacity of an advisor.

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Shishir Shrimal

Partner - Six Sigma, Quality & Innovation  

A Design Thinking Practitioner, an experienced business excellence and project management leader, who has delivered and set up - lean, six sigma programs; transformation programs; portfolio management operations globally, for very large companies.   .  

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Sushant Pande

Partner - Strategy Implementation

Using our proprietary i3 methodology, distilled from Design Thinking, Lean Six Sigma, TRIZ practices, We help our clients solve business problems in Strategy Alignment, Cost Optimization, Revenue Enhancement, and Digital Transformation. We have delivered a revenue uptick of USD 500K for our clients in the 1st year of operation. 

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