Integrating your digital universe

Understanding digital fragments

Organizations continue to innovate and different functions move at their own respective pace. All organizations have one or two core business applications and peripheral digitalization happens with distributed operational authorities. In such cases, co existence of the application universe becomes important and critical.

The organizations require intervention to preserve the utility of the application infrastructure that gets created 

  • Functional alignment of applications to ensure business and process controls and authority 
  • Technical architecture synch to ensure minimum change management 
  • Development of integration approach with least invasive technological requirements 
  • Impact analysis and change management


Our holistic approach enables business and technological infrastructure for growth. Our capabilities help us to leverage standard integration apps as well as customization as per organization requirements. 

  • Application & data integration: Synchronize data between on-premises and cloud-based applications, independent of  sources, formats and standards. 
  • Building APIs: Access, transform and combine data across organization/applications, databases and systems and share information through APIs. A real time handshake of information, allowing a standardized output and controlled inputs.

  • Event management: Manage appropriate business actions through right integration intelligence, triggers and actions across application universe

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