Value of your brand

Collect, Analyse, and Visualise Social Media Marketing data

Built with in-depth feedback from Industry veterans, Inclick helps you understand what's working for a brand and how it can be improved.

Research & Planning

Social Media Marketing is an on-going process. You need to come up with new ideas everyday. With us, you can easily deep dive into any brand's content.

Competitive Intelligence

It's really important to understand how your competition is performing. We make it easy to learn more about their strategies.


Compiling data together from multiple social networks is a difficult task. Our automation gives you accurate numbers for your brands and campaigns whenever you need in a presentation-ready format.

Consumer Sentiments

Your brand is being talked about but do you know how the consumers feel about it? Our helps you understand consumer sentiments by tracking conversations and campaigns across the web.

Our Services  

Cross-Channel Social Media Analytics

Get in-depth analytics for any brand across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Instantly create detailed social media reports for your brand and competitors.
  • 80+ Data Points
  • 4 Social Media Channels
  • Thousands of pre-added brands
  • Exportable Graphs

Monitor your campaigns and lead the conversation. Find out what people are saying and posting about your brand online. 

  • Monitor keywords and hashtags
  • Works across Social Media and the Web
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Content Analysis
PPT & XLS Reporting
Eliminate the tedium of creating manual reports. Download pre-built reports automatically. Inclick's report building process uses AI and saves 85% of your time. 
  • In-Depth PPT Reporting including 30+ Slides
  • Instant XLS Reports for all brands
  • One-Click PNG Chart Downloads for your presentations

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