Aligning Business with changing times

Generation Gap

We are talking nowadays about Industry 4.0 and the work methods are changing with every generational change and handover. The transition, may be uncomfortable, yet inevitable demands surgical changes to align itself with more and more competitive market, aware clients/customers and ever changing technology. 

We help abridge the gap to meet the scale, cycle time to market and adaptability of the organization, through our interventions 

  • We work in an inclusive fashion to understand and measure the value age old practices and ensure the essence of the philosophy is retained 
  • Mapping and benchmarking with global standards to ensure a competitive alignment with the world. 
  • Understanding the capabilities and phasing of the change management appropriately to ensure organizational ownership 
  • Implementation which allows easing into seamless adoption of the change and manage inertia.
  • Building a continuous improvement culture for organizations to set up and manage it independently. 

We ensure that the organizational internal capabilities are built to support changes, ability to adapt and resilient during the transition. 

Audit Management & Support

Organizations that keep working on for long times, have tendencies to form methods, exceptions (sometimes more than regular process) and lack documentation on account of multiple handovers or becoming an operational cult/practice. 

The first step of an transition is understanding the strengths and practices of the organizations. We work towards auditing and understanding all aspects of the business as part of the initial diagnostics.

  • Financial management - A complete understanding of the processes, outcomes and practices. The understanding further helps alignment with introduction of any proposed partnerships, funding or affiliation opportunities 
  • Non Financial Audits - All non financial audits, including statutory, quality standards deployed and even cultural audits as required 
  • Internal Audit framework - Setting up internal audit framework for better insights in the organization and identification of red flags. Formation of approach, committees, redressal and closure of gaps.  
Getting the organization ready for standardized operations and service experience  for clients/customers. This is an important step towards scaling up  

Opportunities, Mergers and Acquisitions

  • There are multiple approaches to build and expand the businesses, so many entrepreneurs and businesses try and leverage the capabilities created by others within the industry or ecosystem. 

  • Organizations look for affiliations, partnerships, mergers or acquisitions to obtain complementing business aspects for fast growth. 

  • We help and support organizations with:  

  1. Mapping and understanding the strategy for growth and expansion of the organization.
  2. Definition of appropriate engagement model with the organizations.
  3. Identification of the right participant or partner for execution of the transaction 
  4. Conducting all due diligence and support through the financial and legal exchange during the course of transaction

Organization Alignment

  • As the organizations grow and keep expanding through  acquisitions, mergers or associations. It is important that the participants align and work towards achieving the same goal and contribute to the common vision. 

  • We understand the dynamics and create interventions on post association integration through following methods:

  1.  Vision and objective mapping of all the participants 
  2. Baseline assessment of all the resources and requirement with the new aligned vision 
  3. Resource re allocation plan and implementation of the roadmap. 
  4. Review frameworks and closure of activities. 

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