Business Models 

Business Models

All Organizations continue to innovate or experiment with changes to identify ways and methods to stay ahead of the marker, leverage the current client base, Optimize and enhance resource output or even greenfield new projects/diversification. The business models do require right approach and vision alignment, with right business needs, financial models and outcomes, in addition, it requires courage, especially when the business is doing well, hitting its targets, and remaining profitable. Since changing a business model is often fraught with risk, we have created our own guidelines to define and evaluate business models.

We support and intervene with business model support at all levels 

  • New Businesses: Completely Greenfield projects and new business ideas , whether the model has already been created and established or looking for support to define with external benchmarks, practices and innovation required.
  • We also support Business plans that need to be created right from the start. The support requires complete understanding and creation of market needs, size, product/service strategy, Distribution/Go to market, Financial Modeling, resource management, revenue and scale and all that's required for creation of successful business models
  •  Business re-alignment: Businesses that have established the need to diversify/upgrade or introduce new products/new markets  and are in the need of market research,feasibility, re aligned business models do require and avail our services to create, implement and monitor business plans.  


Product and Capability Creation

Our Flexible products support all sizes of organizations and expert team working with us having cumulative experience of more than a century,allow engagement and delivery across board. Key points on business model creation or evaluation.

  • Mapping and defining the business model for content creation
  • Vision mapping with the founding team Deliberation, Interview and creation of business model Iterations and internal approval of the model with the team   
  • Benchmarking and integrating the best practices Inputs from prevailing models and incorporating best practices. 
  • Phasing of model inputs or budgeting future capabilities within the model. 
  • Translation of business elements into measurable impact & hence definition of growth model Definition of growth metrics basis the industry standards 
  • Creation of measurement systems and information capabilities 
  • Growth practices & models to be integrated 
  • Alignment of the business model with the proposed financial model 
  • Definition of the costs and projected growth/revenue Financial model to define the organization’s valuation. 
  • Resource Forecasting/Planning: Understanding future resource requirements. 
  • Definition of resources, infrastructure to map business model requirements. 
  • Allocation of costs/budgets to the resource requirements   
  • Conversion of the entire business, growth and financial model into pitch deck to be presented to the 

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