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Cloud Management & Cost optimization 

In today's world, as they say "Data is the new Oil", information management, security and optimal access and analytics is every organization's need. Most of the organizations have started migrating to new age digital systems, which eventually moves them to data management and server requirements. 

Since most of the business requirements today are about flexible work management, information access. IN addition with changing interactive content requirements (especially videos), the server costs keep surging and there is a limited control and visibility of infrastructure management and costs.


Leveraging appropriate pricing models

Use the Right Pricing Models.
AWS offers various pricing models for computing with significant price differences. There is varied expertise in using these models effectively. insisive cloud does the heavy lifting for you and helps you take maximum price advantage without any additional learning curve.

Manage Idle resources

Idle resources incur same charges as any other. Detect unused compute resources and manage them effectively using cost governance policies and reduce cost wastage by upto 70%.

Gain Visibility on EC2 Spend

Get visibility of true cost of Hadoop / EMR including Data transfer, Storage and Compute with pre configured dashboards.

Want to Save Server Costs?