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Managing Costs & Process Improvement

Most of the organizations during the growth phase, keep building various ad hoc operations and cost centers to manage and support growth requirements, beyond a point, these cost centers, which directly contribute to service/product cost, take the competitive edge from the services. In addition to that with changing environment and competitive landscape demand the market aligned pricing. 

While, being part of the running operations, most of the managers find it difficult to point out the bleeders from cost understanding and require perspective and support. There are approaches and methods deployed to manage and work on continuous process improvements, so many times it may not be a standard organization practice. We define and create multiple intervention methods (inclusive and outside support) to work with organizations and work with them and build improvement and review culture 

Our Approach and Intervention

We specialize in process and cost management and improvement methods. The intervention supports organizations through comprehensive lifecycle approach and frameworks which make the organizations independent of engagement cycle and self reliance through building processes. 

  • Business distinction of functions, teams and tasks on account of contribution to top line or bottom line 
  • Target based approach in terms of cost management with respect to current or future value creation 
  • Project priority management and allocation of cost management targets 
  • Cost or Finance steering committee(s) or project teams for implementation 
  • Working and participation in innovation deployment through internal or external resources/practices 
  • Definition of review frameworks, improved reporting structures and red flags
  • Continuous improvement structures, knowledge creation through projects and learning interventions 

Working on Cost Management