Digital Communities & Communication

Market Activation 

Introducing products to markets in the most optimal fashion is one of the prime requirements of organizations today. Especially focused and budget driven introduction through relevant influencers and communities. 

The launches may include digital product release or creation of virtual sales days. Our diversified community infrastructure allow the organizations to launch the products digitally. Some of the communities are as follows: 

  • Farmer community of 2 lakhs members and counting connected digitally.
  • Retail counters of 50,000 and counting across the country 
  • 7.5 Lakhs+ students connected through digital interface 
  • 20,000+ women entrepreneurs in the community 
  • Celebrity influencers for product launches and introductions

Campaign Management

Product introduction and management is just the jump start for the products, its important to engage the audiences continuously and effectively. Our campaign management tools, enable us to engage our community and effectively track the performance of the campaign. The product mix allows the organizations to enjoy benefits of performance based, as well as, fixed cost based operations. Key elements are: 

  • Mapping and engagement of community as per the product requirements 
  • Allocation of content and training of community leaders as required 
  • Technological tracking of campaign 
  • Management and modification of campaign basis analytics
  • Analysis and post campaign reports to track and manage the costs of campaigns 
  • Feed for future campaigns and understanding of influencer efficacy 


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