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The biggest outcome of process deployment and application is the information. Each and every step of the way of business operations, management. We follow the simple principle "Automation may not simplify processes, simplified processes get automated".

The enterprise applications are true reflection of the business management practices of the organization, while we do create and manage enterprise wide applications, there are innovative and enabling solutions that help the organizations to stay agile and with the pace of ever evolving ecosystems.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Unsupervised Artificial intelligence solutions: The data generation from applications and process is immense, there is immense intelligence created by the systems beyond functional and human perceptions. There is a need for assessment through universal data set clustered in easy readable format. Our solution is the NLP solution that uses unsupervised learning and symbolic, non-statistical A.I. to extract easy-to-understand, actionable insights from long-form text data—and it even explains the logic behind its decisions.
  • Cloud optimization : Every organization is generating loads data and are moving towards lean cloud based infrastructure, our cloud management solution, helps an enterprise gain maximum value of their AWS servers spend through data driven insights, advanced automation and simplified user experience to reduce the cost by upto 60%. 
  • Enterprise application development: Enterprise application development solutions across industries and functions, not only restricted to just plain application development, a consultative approach to internal information rationalization, architecture support and project management for solutions. 
  • Micro influencer analytics platform: Information management is critical for operations management and is equally important for understanding the pulse, voice of brand, customer and the intermediary efficacy to implement strategies to reach out to customers through various channels. Our solutions help manage the entire lifecycle of the engagement with communities/customers through usage of influencers as intermediary.    
  • Learning Management: Knowledge dissemination and communication is a key element of organizational, with widespread geography, multiple profiles, the compulsion and ability to work from anywhere warrants quick and agile learning systems. Our solutions support all the features, from configuration of learning requirements, user management, light and accessible interface with required analytics. 
  • Insurance Lifecycle management solutions: With the core team's extensive experience in insurance as domain, there has been a lot of intelligence & knowledge built through innovative solutions & deployments. The solutions range from customer acquisition, operations, Claims and customer service. The solutions are agile and adapt to ecosystem across countries/Continents.

Our Enterprise solutions ecosystem

Nautral text A.I. 

  • Unsupervised learning based solution
  • Gets more data visibility than any other framework 
  • Cost effective and shorter implementation cycle

Insisive Cloud Management

  • On the fly cloud management solution
  • Bring the costs down through data driven approach 
  • Non invasive application 
  • Data security as required

Enterprise Applications

  • Building organization application requirements
  • Data rationalization and management
  • Legacy application to cloud
  • Function agnostic

Reko Social Influencer Management

  • Defining influencer universe across multiple layers 
  • Performance tracking of the influencers 
  • Payouts and retention 

Knorish Learning Management

  • Geography agnostic learning 
  • Flexible content creation features across hierarchy
  • Light and easy delivery interface
  • Analytics and management

Insurance Lifecycle management

  • Adaptation to international /Intercontinental landscape
  • Lifecycle Management 
  • Extension to multiple systems
  • Saas based solutions

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