Know Your problem

Knowing Your Problem is half the solution 

Regsiter - Re. 8,000/- Rs.2,500

Know Your Problem (KYP)

Businesses, especially MSMEs are facing a lot of challenges during these times. Some of the challenges and problems are apparent and can be worked with immediately, however, most of them are deep rooted and business owners keep fighting with symptomatic challenges

Some of the challenges entrepreneurs shared with us are:

  • I make crores of revenue, but company never has money 
  • My people don’t stick around long enough
  • I am losing clients
  • How do I improve the quality?
  • How do I increase staff productivity?

and many more....

Our approach helps you identify the right issues 

We work on all aspects of the problem identification, which enables the organizations to devise action plans accordingly. The interaction with our specialists helps you to understand and integrate current capabilities to solve problems.

Understanding and validation of the problem .

Size it up
Factual approach & Prioritization.

Problem Snowball
Impact analysis and understanding connected impact.

Solution driven Problem   Understanding, if there is a force fitment of the solutions available

Share your perceived problem

Once you register for the the program, you would be required to fill in the information and we would prep for the interaction.

1-on-1 meeting with the expert

Depending upon the information, we shall coordinate and conduct 1-on-1 meeting with the expert and discussion regarding business objectives.

Immediate action plan. 

The expert devises the action plan as per the discussion with the entrepreneur, based on mutual understanding of challenges and resources.

lets share some stories 

Story 1: I have been making money for the organization, yet no cash in the business any point in time, so there is definitely fraud or embezzlement happening. 

Our approach: Complete understanding of their receivables, payouts, reconciliation process within organization. Some of the observations 

  • Perpetual contracting variations with vendors and clients (Vendor payout in 15 days and client receivables 60 days)
  • No credit policy for new or old clients 
  • Actual average receivables and payables days were 74 days apart (cash flow deficit for 2 and a half months)
  • Payouts were incidental and at organizational level, irrespective of project/ batch performance.
  • Inconsistent process and systems in collection process 

Many more observations made, hence a quarter of intervention and the processes streamlined accordingly. The organization saved/enhanced Rs. 3.4 crores on account of well managed cashflow, cost of capital and picking up new projects with available positions.  

Share your challenges and lets get them sorted

Regsiter -Rs. 8,000/- Rs.2500