Modernization of applications

Legacy Management

Over a period of time, every organization generates a lot of knowledge and translate the same into systems and applications. The system requirements now a days is moving really fast with changing technologies. 

Decision making for upgrading applications has multiple challenges 

  • Understanding and shortlisting technologies. 
  • Reduction of technological legacy and integration with latest technologies  
  • Ease of transition to cloud and latest architecture  
  • Agility and adoption to latest technologies 
  • Quick and streamlined implementation.

End to End implementation

We work with you through entire application transformation journey—from the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of applications that run on any cloud platform. There will be short term and long term strategy, which will be built in cohesion with the clients and the steps may involve the following: 

  • Strategy - Each application estate is unique and requires a custom solution. Our assessment starts with AI-driven insights and visualizations of your applications, middleware and databases
  • Modern application approach -Our approach has enabled optimized business applications and migrate to the cloud fast, with measurable impact, this helps reduction in compliance risk and migration cost, and improved deployment speed. 
  • Cloud Native - We identify and align environments, that makes application that run with global access & features — on premises or on any cloud — faster and securely. You’ll be able to build applications, that are optimized for performance & reduced time to market
  • Integration - Traditional integration architectures have challenge collecting and act upon real-time access to data and applications. For this, modern integrations helps you build an architecture that’s cloud-native in design & API driven. The modern integration architecture empowers the teams to build the integrations while lowering costs.
  • Deployment - We support, deploy and manage applications securely across environments/clouds. Multiple approaches that may benefit through portability, built in suport for security & compliance which could reduce costs while increasing operational efficiency and visibility. 

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