Measure it right!

Process Measurement

Process measurement and building an internal consistent systems has always been challenging, especially with team members looking at the same process with their own perspective. The systems, metrics & units of measurements are required to be subjected be consistently improved and aligned to the organization's vision. 

Its important to build processes with clearly defined measurable metrics, which are: 

  • Clearly defined measurable units of measurement 
  • Inter process & Intra process SLAs
  • Set up for Measurement System Analysis 
  • Internal training and review systems   

Our Approach

Process performance and clear measurement is important for any future analysis, as the information on measurement of every process leads to overall organizational performance, so we enable the organizations with 

  • Clearly define the measurable units 
  • Interface for data collection to validate the measurements 
  • Well defined information ownership 
  • Frequency and medium/forum for review 
  • Units understood and agreed by stakeholders
  • Alignment with organizational measurement systems 
  • Reporting and MIS frameworks
  • Technological integration of systems through our tools

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