Social Media Management

Digital presence is every organization and individual's need today, for a quick time to market aspect, we all leverage "Influencer" network or individuals. However, in today's times, it is difficult to establish and understand the efficacy of digital influencers to support specific products/services. 

Our Solutions, not only offer access to right kind of influencers, but also help understand the reach and communication effectiveness of the activity as well. 

 Single interface that can manage campaign creation, influencer allocation, payouts to respective influences and even influencer score for the campaigns 

What's Special 

  • It's not just your follower count that counts.

    We pays you for the kind of connection you share with your followers.

    Content inspiration & curated paid campaigns

    Authentic content that you and your followers will love, delivered daily to your phone.

    Hassle free payments

    No waiting. Lots of ways for you to earn on the platform and it's always instant.

    Pass on deals and discounts

    Your followers will love you for passing exclusive deals and discounts just for them.


    Know from the best in the industry on how to grow your page and engage your followers..

Our Services 

  • Campaign Audit reports: Publishing the efficacy of the campaigns to understand the content application, Financial efficiency and last leg closure of the campaign and processes, especially previous campaigns to derive the learnings.  

  • Campaign Management: Day to day monitoring of the campaign and understanding of content, influencer mapping, efficiency and efficacy of the campaigns  

  • Post campaign report: The report shares the financial and influencer efficiency of the campaigns being created and managed 

Planning a campaign and need influencers and effectiveness