Partner with Us

Partner with Us

We invite all entrepreneurs, who are looking to expand, scale and take their business beyond current traction. The entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers/individuals, fresh out of corporate jobs, technology companies etc. Some of the illustrations are as below: 

  • Understanding of Processes, systems and information management in companies - the organizations or individuals could become part of building ecosystem 
  • Technology set ups, working only on services or product building for clients and believe they have more to offer to the ecosystem
  • Learning experts/ organizations/ Individual who believe that there are solutions and content on offer 
  • Individuals/ group who have built a good corporate/ Industrial interface and believe that their ecosystem could be benefitted through more innovative solutions 
  • Financial experts, Capital managers or companies, who can manage or create solutions around capital support 

partner roles 

Our partners horizon moves across multiple points of engagement, Market activation, Sales execution, building ecosystem, knowledge transfer/creation & Co-creation of products across domains. if you have any of the above mentioned strength(s) in the domain of Technology, Consulting, Market activation branding or distribution, please click on the button below and submit applications.

Technology Partner

Our Technology vertical specializes in product engineering, customization on technology across board. The vertical is active for more than a decade and have clients across the globe. We are looking for partners who can enable the expansion of markets in US. The activities involve:

  • Mapping & understanding capabilities of our current product development set up 
  • Build market through direct or extended network to bring more prospects on board 
  • Support & facilitate sales with the introduced prospects
  • Introduce local innovation for upselling opportunities. 

Engagement Process

The process of engagement and understanding to work with our partner set up, shall be process driven. The process steps are details as we go along, it is to understand that it is important to define and create alignment and beneficial structures for all the engaged parties. The partnership work will help us build and reach out to geographies, clients, customers, where we could not reach in our current capacity. The process shared is as follows: 

  • The information and form submission by the proposed partner 
  • Identification of short term and long term alignment with current and proposed GKC infrastructure 
  • Team coordinates for the discussion and meetings to establish a working business model 
  •  Initiation and work on the model 
  • Review of the business arrangements 
  • Building resources and support as required overtime

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