Building Market access in rural India

Network Extension

Reaching out and positioning brand/ product is everyone business requirement g. All products/services build innovative models to reach out to customers and clients  and creating networks. The markets now a days are exploring markets beyond urban cities. 

There is a keen interest in tier 3 and 4 cities to set up business and experiencing high quality brands and services 

We support organizations with the following 

  • Mapping the desired markets and work towards extending brand presence 
  • Identification of elegantly distributors or distribution network to plug in for better brand/product/service reach 
  • Bridge between Corporate and rural villages in terms of Voice of Product/Customer   

Community Building 

Life beyond urban India, is quite collective life in nature. The community of common trust and interest is important to create any new product/service launch. 

With telecom penetration, the community building through digital intervention or clustering. 

  • viIlagewiKY offers digital information of the villages in excess of 80,000 villages.
  • Micro entreprenur network offers access to 50,000+ Points of Sale 
  • Active digital and physical communities offer support through 10,000+ women entrepreneurs 
  • Farmer Networks supporting more than 2 lakhs farmers work with us for upliftment
 The Projects are defined across services and products to support organizations with interests in rural India, especially for digital services, which engages and supports rural youth. 

Rural Project Deployment

Organizations/ Corporate today are looking to fulfill projects in rural India in support of the communities, people working in difficult and trying conditions. 

The projects could be for upliftment of society, livelihood, CSR mandates or building networks. We have been implementing and supporting projects across domains and organizations, Key aspects of the activities are: 

  •  Identification of the benefit group and geographies ( sch as students, mechanics, farmers, women etc.)
  • Activation strategy in alignment of the project objectives with the partner organization 
  • Submission of resource requirements and the project implementation plan 
  • Plan implementation and reporting

Data Collection & Research

It is important to have information of the local interests, market opportunity, demography & consumer segment. There are multiple methods and approaches to collect data and share information with relevant organizations. 

  • Digital Surveys through the user group mapping and relevant geography 
  • Local information gathering through user group interaction 
  • Usage of our analytics tools to draw inferences and publish reports 
  • Data logging through paper, digital (text, audio, video) logs 
  • Audit management for sampling and data creation 

There is pre built information repository through continuous interactions with the user group(s) across geographies (85,000 villages through villagewiKY for instance) 

Planned activities are conducted with corporates/ organization that require ground level intelligence. 

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