Next-generation A.I. to innovate and learn beyond claimed human knowledge

Unsupervised Artificial Intelligence

The  A.I. solution is the first and only NLP solution that uses unsupervised learning and symbolic, non-statistical A.I. to extract easy-to-understand, actionable insights from long-form text data—and it even explains the logic behind its decisions.

  • Overcomes any data extraction biases of ML experts 

  • Data clustering beyond statistical probabilities and scenarios 

  • Standard Business readable outputs 

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, NaturalText A.I. has an unprecedented ability to understand structured and unstructured text data, just like a human expert. NaturalText extracts actionable insights, uncovers connections, and explains its reasoning at a fraction of the time — and cost — of a human expert. Our A.I. is flexible, scalable, and unsupervised, meaning you can analyze millions of documents in a variety of formats, without expensive and time-consuming tagging, training, or tuning.

Why our unsupervised A.I.

  • The right NLP solution will save time and money, while also strengthening innovation and productivity. 
  • Unfortunately, statistics-based NLP solutions are not properly equipped to handle the complexities and nuances of language. 
  • Our Solutions, on the other hand, are uniquely engineered to  analyze long-form text data, using non-statistical, symbolic A.I. and unsupervised learning.

Top Reasons NaturalText A.I. is the Next-Generation NLP Solution 

Statistics, which focuses primarily on the analysis of numerical data, also provides the foundation for traditional natural language processing (NLP) solutions. While statistical methods are effective at identifying patterns with little variation, they have a number of shortcomings when applied against the complexities of language. NaturalText A.I., which uses unsupervised learning and non-statistical, symbolic A.I., was engineered specifically for language processing and analyzing long-form text data. Discover the top 10 reasons NaturalText A.I. is the next-generation NLP solution.

  • Easy to run & use - No specialty hardware required
  • A.I , that works out of the box - No manual training required, its 100% unsupervised learning tool 
  • Low data dependency and is scalable solution - it works just as effectively for small organizations with low-volume data as it does for very large organizations with high-volume data.
  • Data Security - It is deployed locally and is fully controlled by the team on site. 
  • Easy to explain logic - The output is business readable output and no special skills required for out information dissemination
  • No bias or prejudice - A.I.'s unsupervised pattern-finding algorithm uses logical and reasoning methods to extract insights
  • Understanding of Concept and Context -  It analyzes text as a human would, going beyond keywords to examine concepts 
  • Business Alignment - unsupervised learning approach allow it to identify both new connections and existing patterns
  • Affordable and accessible - On account of light/limited hardware and skill requirements, it is a cost effective solution.
  • Only unsupervised solution with symbolic A.I. which uses graph theory and other non-statistical, mathematical models in its algorithms  

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